Telemarketing Tools: Data And Customers

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Modern day telemarketing is used to several different new-age tools. It could be the additional use of the internet or the optimization of certain telemarketing services procedures for additional benefit. In this ever-changing BPO world, there are two tools that have stood the test of time. These tools are basic, almost skeletal and you can build up any successful campaign with these. Come to think of it, BPO units with less advanced technology or less skilled manpower can actually carry on with their work if they are making the best use of these tools. They are so valuable that you can also call them assets. They are known to be the framework that supports all your call center services. One is data and the other is customers.

Lets take them up one at a time. Data is the building block of the telemarketing framework. Call centers with shrinking databases often rely on third party sources for their data. Though they do not really make lead generation any easier, rather makes it difficult, but they do underline the need for data. Ask any BPO expert and you are sure to learn how data is being generated by every possible source. Even traffic to websites is being tracked and those users are contacted! Call center units have to understand that properly assorted data can be useful. You can study a lot of trends by merely studying the statistics you have on your hand. Numbers have to be analytically interpreted and quantified by the managers and supervisors.

After analysis, you will have to draw conclusions from the data. For example, while providing call center support for a fast moving consumer good, you will have to identify a target group. This is the section of the population that will buy your products/services. After you identify them, its time to carry out sales lead generation. If you jump into the bandwagon without studying the data you have, you might end up wasting valuable BPO resources without making any impact. Calls will not be justified on the ROI scale when you call the wrong people. The data becomes primary then. Without the data, BPO service looks groping in the dark.

The second one is customers. Customers may be existing or prospective. In either case, call centers have to take care of them. They are open to switching brands and moving over to the rival camp. You can retain them successfully through some quality customer service. Ensure that they are feeling good about being associated with the clients brand. When you are representing the brand, kudos for the brand will translate into praises for you. Brush up efficiency on the inbound call center department. Make people realize that you care for them and their support counts. Conduct polls and discussions on Facebook and other platforms. Give your customers a voice and make sure you empower that voice with all you have got. Customers will definitely recognize the effort you are making and make allowances for your brand. Money comes secondary when it is brand we are talking about.
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Telemarketing Tools: Data And Customers

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This article was published on 2010/11/04