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SD card, with SD standing for Secure Digital are used widely now days in many technical gadgets for storing multimedia data and other formats of data conveniently and easily. SD cards are used widely now days in camcorders, mobile phones, digital cameras, handheld computers, music players, GPS, video gaming consoles, net book computers, PDAs, media players and many other similar devices which needs storing of data and have this facility of doing it on SD card.

SD cards are used for many kinds of electronic devices, such as cameras, portable game consoles, and media players. They are used to store photos, videos, pictures, games, music, text documents and other kinds of files that can then be accessed by the device for which they are being used. SD cards are handy because they are removable, and therefore provide flexibility in terms of a device's memory capacity.

Most of the standard SD card can store 2GB of data and the SD card with the highest capacity now used can store up to 32 GB of data. They are very small in size and have high memory density which allows it to store so much even after being so tiny in size. They are supported by flash drive memory and therefore, needs no continuous supply of power to retain the data stored in it and to add or delete any data from it, you need to attach it to the portable device. Few of the most popular companies producing SD cards are Sandisk, Toshiba, Lexar and Sony.

They are widely used in camcorders and mobile phone these days as this allows the user to save large amount of data without having to worry about scarcity of store space. They are available at cost effective prices as well and one does not need to spend fortune to buy one. Since, even the standard size SD card of 2GB or even 4 GB is enough, most of the people tend to buy this size often as they are reasonably priced and also can store good amount of data. They are lightweight and easy to carry and this gives users that mobility which was not available before.
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This article was published on 2010/12/10