Saving Yourself From Corrupt Data

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The corrupt data issue is one that is always likely to affect you at some time in your life. Corrupt data can not only harm the internal drive but it can drive the user crazy with worry about lost files. The basic fact is that this problem can be fixed but in the most extreme cases hard disk repair may require the aid of a qualified data recovery company. Being ready for this problem before it hits can make it much easier to diagnose what went wrong and get started on hard disk recovery.

Data is what your hard disk drive stores on a day to day basis. This includes all the files created by the user in addition to application codes and operating system files. Files can become corrupted if the power supply is interrupted. It can also happen if the system was not turned off properly or if a external device was not removed before system shutdown. Files that have not been saved correctly, hardware issues and programming issues can all point the way to complete data corruption or even loss. Software updates that are aborted or fail may damage operating system files.

The above actions or problems can cause corrupt data, which will cause a corrupted hard drive file system. When this occurs, files appear to be lost when they in fact are still present; this can create a discrepancy in the amount of disk space that appears to be available vs. the amount of data that actually exists on your hard drive.

If corrupt data has hit your system hard in the past, there are several strategies you can use to avoid data corruption from harming your computer from now on.

Schedule Regular Backups

Backing up computer data on a regular basis is effective, simple and extremely cost-effective. External hard drives that can cost even less than $100 can store as much as 2.5 terabytes and are available from almost any retailer that sells electronic equipment. All important computer files should be saved to an external drive once a week. Make sure all external devices are safely ejected before shutting down the computer or the file corruption may creep in.

Ready Yourself To Recover Now

Repairing your PC after a system failure will be far simpler if you have recovery disks available. Check the help section for details on backup and restore on any Windows system to create recovery disks. If the file system ever crashes and the files are corrupted, the recovery files can be used to get those key files back.

Use Anti-Virus Software

A superior anti-virus software can be scheduled to scan the hard drive for file and directory problems. In most cases it will catch and attack those problems before you even know they are there. A "full scan" or "deep scan" should be performed a minimum of once every month to ensure the system is free of any viruses and malware that have been picked up along the way.

Environmental events like power blowouts are harmful to your PC. Protection against a power fluctuation is as easy as purchasing an inexpensive power bar that is shielded against such surges. These power strips are very cost effective, priced typically under $30 and require no special outlet. Pretty much anyone sells these, from drugstores to electronics wholesalers, so don't be afraid to look for the best deal.

Following these guidelines will help protect your computer against any corrupt data that has the potential to disable your system.
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Saving Yourself From Corrupt Data

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This article was published on 2011/02/02