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The need for data integration services is undeniable as the demand to manage large quantities of data is increasing by the day. The need for data integration arises when you deal with data from multiple sources of information. Data integration is the process of managing, collecting and collating the information from various data sources. Though it may sound simple, but the whole process is extremely demanding.  Whenever there is a merger of two organizations, integration of data from applications like ERP, SCM, and CRM to the new database can be a challenge. The traditional coding method of transferring large quantity of data is not completely reliable for critical operations. Data integration services are essential for organizations using cloud networks.

Salesforce integration offers simple data integration solution for organizations. It provides up to data and accurate data while maintaining the highest possible data quality. Based on software as a service (SaaS) model, salesforce integration offers applications that automate moving, monitoring, and synchronizing data between different sources and applications. It delivers powerful and proven data integration services to non-technical users over the web. Subscription-based data integration services are built on a multi-tenant framework to allow organizations to maximize the value of their business data with great ease.

With salesforce integration you can quickly synchronize accounts and contacts, manage new orders, and manage data for integrated reporting and analysis. Since it is based on SaaS model, you can use a number of on-demand applications designed for administrators and non-technical line of business managers to integrate cloud-based data with on-premise databases, or other business applications. It provides powerful and flexible platform for developing complex integrations, including source-to-target mappings and complex functions that can be delivered to SaaS applications.

Salesforce integration solutions provide easy access to data resources while eliminating false and duplicate data entries. It simplifies the tasks of migrating, replicating, cleansing, and synchronizing Salesforce data with on-premise business applications, databases, or master data hubs by using powerful mapping and transformation tools to explore application-level objects, such as accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads, and customers through a single, easy-to-use GUI.

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Salesforce Integration - Data Integration Made Simple

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This article was published on 2010/09/22