Revolutionary Active Archiving Via LTFS

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The invention of LTFS has indeed made life a lot easier for most organizations which used to face problems with magnetic storage tapes. These tapes did not allow the users to store the related metadata in an easily accessible manner. But with the introduction of Linear Tape File System, the scenario has changed for the better.

How has LTFS Revolutionized Data Archiving?

  • This new technology from IBM has helped in reducing costs related to archiving and data storage.
  • Easy access is what has made this technology different from the older magnetic tapes storage system.
  • Data can be used and stored since you can access it across many different mediums and platforms.
  • The universal nature of the media makes it more attractive to users across the globe.
  • What's more is that you can use this as a USB drive. You just need an LTO-5 drive to upload the LTFS tape onto it. Then you can mount the tape on the file system.
  • It allows you to tag files using any text. This in turn enables you, as a user, to run searches which are much more intuitive. Hence, you can search the LTO-5 tape libraries as well as the drives more comprehensively.
  • This technology consumes less energy too.
  • The data is encrypted and hence it ensures better data security.
  • The data which is stored on an LTO-5 tape is automatically protected from issues like erasures and over-writings which are done with a malicious intent.
  • The simple drag and drop feature of files storage makes LTFS easy to use and apply.

So for active archiving which is low-cost and high on the reliable factor, LTFS is the way to go. Active Archiving is a combination process which blends tape as well as disk hardware to offer data storage with many important advantages. Active Archiving is a collaboration between both the hardware as well as the software vendors. LTFS is a preferred option with most manufacturers who are offering archiving solutions. Some of the best known names include IBM and HP.

For organizations which need large data storage facilities and are wary of issues like software malfunctions, illegal data access, natural calamities, which cause breakdown of storage systems and make data recovery impossible, Linear Tape File System has a solution. Companies which adopt this system will not have to worry about complex data management, large scale data storage or response times.

To install the Linear Tape File System, all you need is a drive firmware level to offer dual partitioning support. You also require a software which you can download; this software includes the run-time executable which helps you write files on an LTO-5 tape, in the LTFS format. This system is available for both Linux as well as MacOS.

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Revolutionary Active Archiving Via LTFS

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Revolutionary Active Archiving Via LTFS

This article was published on 2012/04/05