Protecting Your Backup

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Most of the businesses today have some kind of backup policy. I have seen even the smallest business owners take their Data Backup on Optical media or across the network on another PC. The more diligent ones do it on Removable Tape media.

However, most of the IT managers forget that as important it is to take backup, it's equally important to safeguard the backup media. What good is your backup, if your Tape containing backup is lying next to your monitor, exposed to the same physical threats as your PC.

For maximum protection of your data and to ensure business continuity, it's always recommended to store your backup data off-site. It's safer when it's physically isolated from the environment where your main data is lying. With offsite storage of your backup data, it's safe from the factors that might risk your primary data ( Fire, flood etc).

Large corporates use third-party media storage services to store their backup media off the site. However for the smaller businesses, such a service is not economical. For such small and medium business the best choice is to store their data in a safe that is fireproof and waterproof.

Your backup is no good is the backup media is not stored safely.

Consider an IT manager who ritually backs up the data on his LTO-4 data tapes. However the data tapes are stored in his drawer next to his workstation. Imagine a fire, flood or a theft that takes place in the office. Do you think your data in the LTO-4 tape will survive?

To store your media securely is as important as taking backup of your critical data. Most of the IT managers realize that the threat of data loss is very real ( that's why we take backup), but very few have a safe backup media storage policy.

Storage should be Waterproof and Fireproof

You should not settle for anything less than fireproof and waterproof storage for your Data Media. Look for third party certification on fireproof storage. The fireproof safes are made in such a way that it doesn't get extremely hot inside even after being in fire. If the internal temperature exceeds the maximum tolerance level, you may lose the data on Magnetic/optical media.

Waterproof ratings are submersion tested and certify the safes for how long they can remain submerged in water.


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Protecting Your Backup

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This article was published on 2011/01/10