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MMD gives investment managers the edge they need to win new clients in the institutional marketplace. With comprehensive coverage of the pension and financial services industries, plus the non-profit marketplaces of public and private foundations, endowments, and health service organizations, MMD is the perfect database for institutional asset managers to find new business, learn more about existing clients, and gain competitive intelligence.

No matter how valuable the information, however, the ability to access and use the data when and where it is most useful is of equal importance. While MMD data is highly valuable, most investment management firms also keep their own client and prospect records. Referencing multiple systems and data sources to get a full picture of a client or prospect is inefficient and time-consuming, and it may lead to important information being overlooked. CDC Software has answered this challenge by providing an integration solution for MMD that allows MMD data to be easily imported, updated, accessed, and used within Pivotal CRM for Institutional Asset Management, increasing its value and accessibility to investment managers.

Easily Import MMD Data

The Pivotal CRM MMD integration solution includes specialized import tools that enable your administrators to easily import MMD data for which you have subscriptions—rich information about plan sponsors, their consultants, and their investment managers—directly into Pivotal CRM, where you can put it to work for you. Rather than replacing your firm’s valuable client and prospect intelligence, the import tools automatically link your existing Pivotal CRM records with a new MMD record, while also enabling you to create custom linkages. Where no Pivotal CRM record exists, the system will create one and link it to the MMD record. These record links allow you to easily obtain a comprehensive picture of any given plan sponsor, consultant, or competitor. You can also populate fields within your Pivotal CRM records with MMD data where desired.

The Pivotal CRM MMD integration solution comes with all the tables and data structures required to support MMD data pre-built, meaning no complex programming is required to support the imported data within your system and it’s all accessible within the user-friendly Pivotal CRM interface. Just run the import program and rapidly take advantage of having this rich information within your client relationship management system.

Identify New Opportunities

Increase your market intelligence with access to Money Market Directories’ comprehensive listings of corporate, hospital, union, and government plan sponsors; endowments, foundations, and other tax-exempt organizations; investment consulting firms; investment managers; and more, and use the information where you need it most—in your client relationship management system. Understand the relationships between plan sponsors, consultants, and investment managers to better leverage your firm’s existing relationships. Find new opportunities and immediately apply action plans within Pivotal CRM to pursue them. Search for leads and information within Pivotal CRM using its rich querying tools and run reports drawing on MMD’s deep market data. Run targeted, personalized marketing campaigns to MMD contacts using Pivotal CRM tools such as LetterExpress or CDC MarketFirst, precisely segmenting your lists using Pivotal CRM queries. Act strategically by investigating business you can potentially win from competitors. Spend less time switching between systems and reconciling multiple data sources and more time acquiring new business.

Keep Data Up to Date—Hassle-Free

MMD data is updated quarterly, and annual releases can include changes to underlying data structures. With the Pivotal CRM MMD integration solution, these changes pose no new challenges. Quarterly data updates can be imported easily using the import tools, and an annual upgrade to the Pivotal CRM MMD integration solution, released soon after the MMD update, allows you to promptly accommodate any structural changes and import fresh data. Better yet, the Pivotal CRM MMD integration solution will maintain any linkages between MMD and Pivotal CRM records that you have created, so no repetition or laborious administration is required to take advantage of data updates.

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Pivotal CRM Money Market Directories Integration

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Pivotal CRM Money Market Directories Integration

This article was published on 2012/04/06