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There are many documents archiving software. One of them is Tomadox. It's a document scanning and management system that can articulate capabilities in organizing the system to the need of organizers. The system is developed with an emphasis on the experience of the users and quick integration in any organization.

The system requires some modern technologies like OCR technologies and barcode recognition for filling of automated scanned documents.  There are some other options that may count as the benefit or use of the software.

Document archiving software system includes management of archive and sub- archive tree, giving assignment of unique key fields to every archive, management of the reception of files and data from external sources like network, scanner or any other source, assembling of advance scanning options in different formats, categorizing of data and arrange them in sequential order as well as with the demand of the author or the company, identification of data automatically, advance identification and recognition of barcode, detection and identification of data using OCR engines, managing of group and authorization system managed by the users, enabling of task module to send a document to a user as a task, managing of signature and authorization that enable the company or organization to send a specific document to specific or several users, advance search options on different outsource database, tasks, emails etc.

There are many needs when a document archiving software is needed for a specific company or organization. One of the reasons is managing of the data. A company has lots of data and information which is increasing within the day by day due to increase work. So there must be a specific and absolute necessity of storing the data securely. Storing of the data is not a hard work but categorizing the data and managing of the data is not an easy work. By the software the data can be stored in a small area with a categorization of data and also the option of the need by the organization.

The other option is to receive and sending of documents and data either to the clients or to the other organizations. The benefit of the archiving software is its security and individuality. There is some privacy of every organization. So the data are required to save in a secured place. In this system all the information are saved securely and in a short space. So all the organizations should use data archiving software for the management of the data as well as receive and sending of data to others.

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Overview on document archiving software

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Overview on document archiving software

This article was published on 2010/12/17