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The information in the personal phones that are of utmost importance is the contacts, contents in the inbox, outbox, Drafts, Gallery, and Calendar etc. These are backed up on the remote server, memory card or the user’s personal computer in an encrypted format. Often the phone numbers in the personal phones are valued more than the gadget itself! In such cases, the contacts data is of utmost significance for any individual who is an entrepreneur or a student. With the back up the user can not only retrieve the data back but it is all protected and thus kept private so that it is not misused. The mobile contact back up application is so reliable and the user need not worry about the data loss in case of any theft or mishap. Suppose if the handset is destroyed due to a clumsy moment or a sever accident, the users can have a peace of mind with respect to the data not being missed or manipulated.

Software Solution

Salient Features:

The data is secured and thus this app is reliable as the data is backed up on an external device.

Data encryption done before backing it up on an external device (such as memory card or PC) thus preventing any misuse.

The lost data can be easily restored back on the users’ phone anytime. The encrypted data is decrypted back in its original human readable format on the mobile phone.

The contacts backup software has the ability to quickly provide the backup efficiently to the users at anytime they need.

Backing up data using Contacts Backup application allows the user to be rest assured about the safety of his data even under unforeseen circumstances such as a theft of the phone or total breakdown of the mobile phone.

In case the user does not own a personal computer he can still back up his data and transfer it on a Remote Server hosted elsewhere.(Vendor Specific)


The application ensures that all the content of the user is secure and in case he has to either change his/her device or the device gets lost then the entire content can be recovered.

With the PCs having a backup it is also important that the cell phones are provided the facility of a back up. With these days where the point of contact is of very significant in business or social life, phone numbers are the integral feature of a hand held communication device that cannot be taken lightly.

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Mobile Contacts Backup Application

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This article was published on 2011/06/28