Making your Enterprise Smarter with Actionable Intelligence

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Although organizations have access to large amounts of information, that information has no value unless the data is converted into relevant, manageable intelligence so that it enables actionable intelligence and informed decision making. Mission-critical information that can be easily understood, used, and shared to improve performance and profitability is what is called “Actionable Intelligence.” Actionable Intelligence has an impact on almost every product and process that touches the customers. It indicates the areas for improvement and areas for revenue opportunities.

Most organizations focus on quantitative analysis and analytics tools to help them optimize and improve their performance. The right data can provide actionable insights that indicate what is working and what might not be working so well, which can help in planning a strategy. It is therefore essential to have advanced analytics in business, but what is just as import is having the right tools and using them effectively.

A smarter enterprise with actionable intelligence

With actionable insights in real time, businesses can make faster, smarter operating decisions and also establish automated business processes. With an efficient actionable intelligence tool, it is possible to:

  • Allow game developers and social commerce companies to incessantly enhance customer acquisition, engagement and monetization campaigns as it helps to evaluate data in real-time from across social, mobile and web platforms

  • Update the capability of capturing broad data, discovering significant insights, and close the loop with automated action

  • Trace user behaviors in real-time and get instantaneous feedback on what is working and what is not, enabling optimization on the fly

  • Utilize visualization interfaces that facilitate the understanding of business performance, which enables quicker and more intelligent operating decisions.

Ideally, actionable intelligence needs to express a comprehensive and precise picture of how well your organization functions. And to achieve that accuracy, it is imperative that your actionable intelligence is based on customer interactions. This way it is likely to have a true-to-life sample from which to derive insightful inferences. With actionable intelligence, it is possible to target your activities for maximum return. It zeroes in on the most significant information with precision, urgency and cost efficiency, and is more than just useful information. It not only helps in generating revenue—it also helps in unearthing new sales opportunities and increasing the value of existing customers.

With the right tool, your social media analytics can go beyond simple metrics. It can allow you to concentrate on a broad array of data from social media that will help you understand which events, content and user segments propels the most revenue.

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Making your Enterprise Smarter with Actionable Intelligence

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Making your Enterprise Smarter with Actionable Intelligence

This article was published on 2011/08/18