Electronic Data Discovery: Data Retrieval Made Easy

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The rapidly evolving technological world and the ever changing customer demands, has paved way for the large business conglomerates and  even the small and medium sized business enterprises to digitalize their documents. With more than 90% documents in  electronic format, management and recovery of data as and when required is at the click of the mouse. However, these business houses also require a system which would give them not just immediate access to the documents but also presented in user friendly formats for any kind of presentation. This means data, which are available in word processing files, electronic spreadsheets, pdf files image files or even email needs to be consolidated and organized.


Electronic data can be retrieved from virtually any kind of electronic data storage or backup device. The process of electronic data discovery or retrieval involves generation of the inventory list, listing of data that is to be discovered, creation of validation tools and checklists, data retrieval and validation of data. An electronic discovery service uses a collection of ediscovery tools and methodologies to ensure that the digitized documents are retrieved and in the required format for presentation at any given time. These tools besides retrieval of electronic data also facilitate spell check, field validation, elimination of duplicate files, and data conversion from any file format into a required format that can be viewed using common desktop tools and applications.  Data filtering is used to identify different files by their file extensions, or keywords. Coding and indexing tools are used to capture source files.


Ediscovery tools also include software programs used to retrieve data or vital information from digital storage mediums, which have been lost through accidental or intentional methods. This state-of-art investigation technique is generally used in computer forensics helps in recovery and recreating erased data. This along with the other ediscovery tools acts as a protective medium for the critical business data against any unforeseen challenges. These ediscovery tools have made data discovery and retrieval fast, efficient and affordable even for the SME’s.


The growth of the electronic data and the demands on the part of the business house for data discovery have paved way for a number of companies offering electronic discovery services. Gartner Research projects the e-discovery market will grow at a compounded annual rate of 14 percent and to reach $1.7 billion by 2014. The leaders in this the field of electronic data discovery services have designed complete ediscovery platforms which makes internal investigations and legal discovery more efficient with single applications so that it is easier for the both IT and legal to collect data as per requirements.


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Electronic Data Discovery: Data Retrieval Made Easy

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This article was published on 2011/12/11