Don't Burn that Hard Disk or Drown It In Water

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So you know that formatting your hard drive doesn't remove data from your system completely? And, you also know that overwriting data is a huge job, as you have a huge drive with over 500 GB of storage space, of which, more than fifty percent is full. Well, overwriting can be ruled out. Now what? How do you ensure that your hard disk can be disposed off, without anybody being able to access your vital data? How can you ensure proper file eraser without a hassle? And no certainly do not attempt to sink the drive in water or burn it, because, data can be recovered after the drive is burnt or sunk in water. The only way to ensure complete inaccessibility is by using file eraser software.

If you thought there was a way to get rid of the data, then you were right. But neither formatting, nor burning of the drive could remove data. There are services available in the market that help the user to pull out data after any such situation happening accidentally. So, you should consider overwriting the vital files. But if you try to save new data, there is no surety that the place where you saved old data will be overwritten. You cannot control that. The only thing you can do is, opt for hard drive wipe tool, so that every single sector of your hard drive is written upon.

All the files and folders are saved in a few sectors of your hard drive. Not only that, the partitioning information, the operating system information, the application and program information, everything is saved in these sectors. So, every sector has to be rewritten, which means that it may not be simple for a user to do the same. That is the reason why, a data eraser software is required. These are third-party tools that need to be downloaded from the internet, and can perform different types of wipe operations, including Zeroes(default), Pseudo random, US Air Force, and many more.

Stellar Phoenix Wipe is an efficient file eraser software that is capable of wiping the whole hard disk drive in one go. With the ability to perform up to 35 passes, the tool can be installed on Windows Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000. Capable of removing entry of every single file, including locked system files, encrypted files, registry entries, this software can wipe any media installed on x86 architecture.

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Don't Burn that Hard Disk or Drown It In Water

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This article was published on 2010/12/28