Demographic Analysis With Flash World Maps

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An individual's demographic characteristics like age, gender, race, tenure and education are considered important variable from a psychological perspective, as these attributes directly effect an individual's performance, satisfaction etc. Some people also believe that attribute such as characteristics, perception, attitude etc are also important as they help in understanding of consumer behavior. These attributes can also assist in determination of various sociological problems and thereafter aid in determining appropriate solutions. Demographic study of just one individual or one community is of little significance hence it is done on a wide scale to cover a large geographical region.

Many demographic studies are undertaken on a global level. A large number of these studies are undertaken by institutions such as UNO and World Bank. The primary aim of these studies is to ascertain the level of poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy. From an economic perspectives world wide demographic surveys are undertaken to determine population density, distribution of natural resources, industrialization etc. Sociologists and anthropologists are interested in facts like distribution of native tribes, cultural composition of a region etc.  

These days, even business organizations have started to take serious interest in global demographics. They use global demographics as a basis for making crucial business decision. With glottalization become rampant, large corporations are keen to sell their products globally. Hence, these companies use demographic studies to determine the feasibility of investing in a certain country. Acquiring valuable information from quantitative data is not an easy task and involves a great deal of analysis. Data visualization is one of the technique used for quantitative analysis.

Data visualization facilitates analysis through graphical representation of quantitative data. It helps in determination of prevailing trends by depicting data on charts or graphs. Conventional methods of data visualization are also applied to demographic data. This however, doesn't help in analysis since demographic data is associated with geographic locations. The problem of visualizing demographic data can be countered though use of data-driven maps.  

A Data-driven map displays quantitative information associated with various regions. Flash based world maps can be used for displaying data pertaining to global demographics. There are numerous advantages of using a Flash based world maps these include; interactivity, color coding, drill down etc. Apart from being visually appealing, Flash based world maps are capable of dispensing data effectively. Presently, Flash based world maps are widely deployed by both corporate houses and governments. The chief reason behind their popularity is the fact that they make quantitative analysis easier.

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Demographic Analysis With Flash World Maps

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This article was published on 2010/03/28