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Data switches play an integral role in supervising the traffic of a website. A data monitoring switch belongs to the category of data switches and is installed to monitor the flow of traffic to a website. A data monitoring switch proves extremely instrumental for an organization in supervising the traffic control tools in a more effective manner. Not only does it allow the centralization of the traffic monitoring but also enable effective sharing of the tools among different groups.

How it works

A data monitoring switch offers 24 to 38 ports which function as input or output tools. The input ports can be assembled for an integrated Tap function whereas the output ports function to derive input from external Taps. A large number of data monitoring tools are linked to the ports so that traffic reports from any of the ports can be transmitted effectively to the data monitoring tool. Advanced data switches are built with the technology of offering higher security both on individual and group front. These also facilitate an efficient management of multiple devices from a single interface.


  • Data switches pre-filter the on-flow of traffic thereby offering a strong resistance against tool oversubscription.
  • Sharing tools among the wide category of groups becomes extremely feasible with data switches.
  • These are built with adept data conversion skills which allow 1 Gigabit tools to be strong enough to support 10 Gigabit links and the latter becomes capable enough to assemble as much as multiple 1 Gigabit links.
  • These boast of high port densities and are significantly higher in comparison to discreet Tabs. Consequently, these data switches have higher storage capacity along with high power ability.
  • Since these have an inbuilt remote controlling technique, one need not literally move to remote locations for installing the tools. Hence, one can easily save on time and indulge in other activities.
  • The user gets freedom from the tedious use on SPAN ports to attain the monitoring function as one can directly Tap network links with these data switches.
  • Use of data switches do not affect the network traffic in any way unlike the SPAN ports where there may be disruption if the switch is not properly installed.

Though the data switches have large number of benefits, one cannot certainly overlook its harms. Since data monitoring switches use the passive network Tap, these tend to more expensive in comparison to other types of data switches. These do not follow any particular standard; instead are managed differently by different vendors.

Some variants of the data monitoring switches offer advanced functionalities which make their uses a comparatively complicated ones. Consequently, these may require more time owing to the multiple functionalities installed on them. Many of these data switches require command line interfaces.

The disadvantages of the data switches stand negligible in comparison to its multiple uses. The switches are highly functional in monitoring the traffic flow and hence serve as the most effective tool in updating the website accordingly.

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Data switches

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This article was published on 2011/05/27