Data Center Solutions for Relieving Data Storage Worries

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Ever since the first generation of the web was opened to the masses, the world has seen a number of transformations. The development of web based services enabled businesses to cut costs on various fronts without having to compromise on their efficiency in any given way. Though it is evident that the internet has proven to be a great boon for the mankind, its development also lead to a number of concerns with one of the most predominant issue raised being effective storage of the data being generated by companies.

Developed during the dotcom boom, data center solutions came into being to serve the rising need for high volume data storage solutions. As the cost involved in setting up and maintaining a high capacity data storage solution is a highly priced affair, it has always been a challenge for upcoming businesses to maintain their databases. Data centers were facilities dedicated to housing data storage solutions, which were aimed at catering to the rising data storage demands of upcoming businesses by giving the companies the much needed data storage space on contractual basis.

Data centers offer the ideal data hosting environment required by high capacity storage solutions with multiple levels of data security standards. Some of the common features of all levels include round the clock power backup and cooling, and an internal technical helpdesk for keeping the storage solutions up all the time. Further to this, leading data center solutions providers also offer additional safety features such as CCTV recording, computer controlled gates and the likes.

Though these data housing facilities received instant success due to the remarkable help they were proving to be for upcoming businesses, their high emission was considered a serious threat to the ecological balance of our dear planet. Therefore, in order to make these facilities ecofriendly, TIA (Telecommunication Industry Association) revised the architectural norms of these data housing facilities, giving birth to a new generation of data centers called green data centers.

Most of the old facilities have already been upgraded to the new norms prescribed by TIA. However, when looking to avail the services of a wholesale data center, it is very important to ensure that the chosen facility complies with the new norms prescribed for the construction of data centers. To ascertain this, the best way is to visit the facility in person, and check the measures the management has taken to curb the emission caused by high volume data storage solutions.  

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Data Center Solutions for Relieving Data Storage Worries

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Data Center Solutions for Relieving Data Storage Worries

This article was published on 2011/12/20