Cost-Efficient HP LTO Ultrium 3 Tape Solution

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In today’s instrumented business environment, data is the most valuable and precious corporate asset. Whether your organization uses individual workstations or high-end network servers, reliable storage and in-time availability of corporate data is mission critical. The answer to your relentlessly growing data protection needs and tight I.T budgets is the LTO ultrium tape technology. It has the highest market share, and remains unrivaled in terms of media interoperability, performance and operational efficiency.

The IT managers turn to HP (Hewlett-Packard) for reliable and intelligent storage solutions. HP has unmatched engineering expertise in drive, tape media and automated library technologies. HP Ultrium-960 full-height drive has been specifically designed for LTO3 tape media. Powerful combination of HP LTO3 tape and Ultrium-960 drive delivers unprecedented storage performance in a variety of client/server environments, workgroups, midrange computing systems, branch offices, busy data centers, database applications and small businesses.

You can trust HP Ultrium-960 drive for high speed backups. It features an exceptional data transfer speed of 80Mbps (native). Best of all, it provides you the additional benefit of utilizing your previous generation LTO 2 & LTO 1 tapes. LTO2 media is fully compatible with Ultrium-960 drive, whereas you can only extract data from LTO 1 ultrium tapes. This not only provides investment protection, but also facilitates the users to archive their previously stored data files with rock solid reliability.

The major competitors of LTO3 are AIT tape, DAT72 tape, VXA-2 tape, Travan TR5 tape, DAT320 tape, SLR100 tape, SDLT tape and DDS4 tape formats.

400GB native data can be recorded on LTO3 cartridge. What’s more, you can store double the amount of capacity with the help ultrium-960 drive’s 2:1 data compression. So in compressed mode, you can record an enormous data amount of 800GB. With high-capacity HP LTO3 solution, you can accommodate voluminous business data onto fewer cartridges. As a result, the common human errors will be significantly reduced due to decreased involvement of the I.T staff. So the users can efficiently manage & store large data files within their limited data-center space.

HP has incorporated an innovative DRM (data rate matching) functionality in ultrium-960 drive that matches the drive speed with that of host system. Ultrium-960 drive can dynamically alter its speed from 27 to 80 Mbps, thus ensuring uninterrupted backups and faster backup speed. HP LTO-3 ultrium technology allows the customers to satisfy the toughest of data retention laws with its WORM technology. Data backed up on a WORM cartridge cannot be modified or erased, which helps to ensure superior data integrity. If your storage needs exceed the recording capacity of LTO-3, you can easily adopt the next generation LTO4 or LTO-5 tape technologies. Compressed storage capacity offering of HP LTO5 tape is 3 terabytes and that of LTO4 ultrium is 1.6 TB.

LTO format is an open standard, which provides customers the cost-saving advantage of media compatibility across all branded LTO devices. So, confidently install the low-cost HP LTO3 solution and enjoy greater storage value, investment protection and long term reliability.

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Cost-Efficient HP LTO Ultrium 3 Tape Solution

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This article was published on 2011/12/09