Cost-effectively Migrate From LTO3 Tape Technology To The High Speed LTO Ultrium 4 Format

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Access to the business critical data at a faster rate and reliable data restores are essential for making proactive decisions. Your future business plans, strategies and goals are dependent on the integrity and availability of business data. The organizations have to extend the recording capacity of their data center to accommodate the rapidly exploding data volumes. LTO format is the perfect backup tape solution for the rigorous demands of busy data centers and storage-intensive organizations.

LTO consortium has introduced the fourth generation LTO 4 tape to help support the data-intensive business activities such as supply chain management, data mining, management information system and digital video archiving. Furthermore, LTO ultrium4 technology is the optimal solution for complex workstations, popular servers and midrange storage management. The data recording capability of LTO4 cartridge has been increased by enhancing the track density. It can easily backup twice the amount of data at a faster rate than the LTO 3 technology. As compared to the LTO2 tape, the LTO ultrium4 tape can preserve four times higher data amount. Compressed storage capacity of LTO4 and LTO3 ultrium tape is 1.6 TB and 800 GB respectively. For high volume backups, there is no need to increase the shelf space as the compact LTO4 ultrium tapes occupy less physical space.

Data transfer rate of LTO4 drives is almost 50% faster than LTO 3 drive. Multi-vendor compatibility is the LTO ultrium format’s most attractive attribute that provides LTO customers the benefit of organization-wide backup system standardization. Large number of LTO media and drive manufacturers has helped to deliver customers a wider range of high quality devices at competitive prices. Some of the LTO industry’s leading tape brands are Fuji, Maxell, IBM, Dell, Quantum, HP Hewlett-Packard, Imation and Sony. HP LTO ultrium4 and IBM LTO ultrium4 technology are the media choice of many high end workstations and storage-intensive businesses.

Modern E-business applications and management information systems demand high speed streaming and massive recording capacity. These stiff demands and high-performance backup demands can be fulfilled cost-effectively with LTO ultrium4 tape format. Data can be reliably backed up with LTO4 drive at a remarkable 120 MB/s native speed.

LTO ultrium4 is the first LTO tape version that has introduced the hardware-based data encryption system, thus providing your sensitive data the highest level of security. The data protection has been further strengthened with the “write once, read many”, in short WORM, functionality. It prevents over-writings, data erasures as well as alterations. This intelligent WORM technology helps to maintain supreme data integrity throughout the storage period.

LTO4 drive allows the customers to restore and backup data onto two LTO tape versions that are LTO4 and LTO3. Good news is that the read compatibility of LTO4 drives extends to the LTO ultrium2 tape, facilitating the users to seamlessly extract the recorded data from three generations of LTO tapes.

LTO ultrium4 is clearly the ideal tape medium for long term offsite/onsite protection and regulatory compliance requirements.

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Cost-effectively Migrate From LTO3 Tape Technology To The High Speed LTO Ultrium 4 Format

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Cost-effectively Migrate From LTO3 Tape Technology To The High Speed LTO Ultrium 4 Format

This article was published on 2011/10/19