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In today's fast paced and around the clock business world, to be competitive and ensure your business runs smoothly and successfully, you must be on top of things at all times. Since most businesses these days rely heavily on technology to get that done, then it is absolutely vital that the data, networks, and systems that comprise a business's IT infrastructure are safe, sound, and in good working order at all times, even during a disaster.

That's where continuous data protection comes in. With continuous data protection, you ensure that your backup data is always up to date, no matter what day of the week it is or even what time of day it is. Continuous data protection is also sometimes called "continuous backup" or "real-time backup." It refers to a computer automatically saving a backup copy of every change made to the data. It essentially saves a copy of every single version of the data that the user saves, which allows the user or the network administrator to restore data to any point in time. For example, if the computer catches a virus and it wipes the hard drive clean, the user or network administrator can get the backup file from a moment before the disaster struck, essentially rendering the data loss and damage nearly or even completely null.

Continuous data protection is different from traditional backup methods because traditional backup methods require a set schedule. With a traditional backup method, you can only restore up to certain restore points, because backups are only made periodically, rather than every time a new version of the data is created. With continuous data protection, you can restore up to any point in time because when new data is written to the disk, it is also written at the same time to another, second location.

While other more traditional backup methods, like mirroring or replication, cause problems in that if data is corrupted, then the system just ends up protecting that corrupted data because they only save the most recent version, continuous data protection will allow you to restore to a previous, uncorrupted point without much difficulty. While that may mean you suffer some data loss, it is likely going to be much less of a problem than only being left with a pile of corrupted data.

Lost data can have a major impact on your business, causing extended downtime that you can't afford and maybe resulting in effects that you can't recover from. If you have data that changes often and you have a lot of it, then continuous data protection software and services are an investment you should seriously look into making. If disaster should strike, you will have the means and ability to recover from it quickly and easily. A system that makes use of continuous data protection offers you data recovery in a matter of minutes or even seconds, as opposed to the more traditional methods, making it the ideal solution for today's busy and fast paced business world when time is always of the essence.

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Continuous Data Protection

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This article was published on 2010/03/29