Business Intelligence Dashboard Overview and Benefits

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Dashboard in common terms relates to images similar to car dashboard but a lot more than indicators, dials and gauges. BI Dashboard displays graphs, charts, maps, score cards and more to emphasize on current business reports.
BI dashboard software enables users to visualize data in a methodical manner to understand and analyze the performance of key-metrics or in business terms judging “key performance indicators” (KPIs).
Corporate use BI solutions to gauge their organizational performance across departments. However, BI dashboards are extremely useful for business performances in the field of education, health institutions and Government institutions and other related sectors. Dashboard software is also used in business presentations in Board Meetings and form a layer of business intelligence stack. BI dashboards give business makers an opportunity to make intelligent business decisions as per their KPIs’ performances. Business Intelligence software is unique software which enables conversion of massive data into dashboards for accurate decision making.
Benefits of BI Dashboard Software: Massive amount of data is lined up to form Business Intelligence Dashboards.
BI dashboards enable:
Easy and fast analysis of large data
Valid pertinent data give rise to BI dashboards enabling sound decision making based on real-time figures
Elucidates the need to refer to massive data buy compiling it into visual dashboards
No need to refer to mounds of data and information
Data is constantly updated therefore BI solutions are based upon real time data
Dashboards are worth thousands of figures but these are an important tool for business decision makers
Saves Companies’ time, resource, energy and above all money
BI dashboards enable right decisions for the organizations through thorough analysis of displayed data
BI solutions are one of the simplest forms of analyzing the situation based upon data provided to the system. Business Intelligence specialists take care to involve their knowledge and expertise to install BI servers and promote business functioning based upon the reports made on BI dashboards.
Organizations with global presence make good use of BI dashboards in boosting their sales. They analyze the current business situations based upon the data collected and compiled in dashboards and make use of this data to make future decisions. For example: business decision makers study the dashboard related with current sales of a region and draft a strategy to boost sales in that particular area. The job is done with greater focus on decision making rather than involving in reading of long reports for days. Only a few organizations understand the complications of data and its usage in its raw form. They take care to go overboard and compile data in the form of BI dashboards for effective BI solutions.

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Business Intelligence Dashboard Overview and Benefits

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Business Intelligence Dashboard Overview and Benefits

This article was published on 2012/01/02