An overview on Data Centers

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What are Data Centers? Why do we need its services?  How does it help business operations? These are some of the few questions that are there in the minds of entrepreneurs who are dependent on a computer network and web-based applications services. These centers not only go ahead and offer fast and efficient services, but also render safe and secure place to store important and critical data of a company. In simpler terminology these centers can be defined as small room or sometimes even several floors in buildings that is primarily used to house information, computer systems and other related components, including telecom and storage systems of a business.

These centers are designed to provide unmatched data security to its users. These centers have several features including, environmental controls, security features and continuous power back-up. Environmental controls are mainly meant to prevent overheating of servers and systems stationed in it, while security features and power back are to stop any unauthorized access and stoppage due to power failure respectively. It is very important for a company to keep a good infrastructure for an even flow of business functions. Big businesses usually set up their own centers, while small and medium organizations can’t afford to have in-house Data Centers in India, as it turns out to be a very costly process. Companies not only require IT professionals to secure the company’s data they also need the services of Data Centers to protect their company records and critical information. Nowadays, Data Centers in India hold the same function of keeping businesses' IT systems running to ensure continuity.

A Dedicated Server can be termed as a server that is purely dedicated to a user’s website and prevents others using or sharing it. It is exclusively meant for the usage of that particular user and the entire web space is allocated to him/her. Any third-party is not allocated any kind of space on that server and is also not authorized to use it. These Dedicated Servers are generally selected by users that are expecting high volume of visitors, require large amounts of space and need a higher level of security. These servers come with a range of features that are:

  • Storage Space: These servers offer complete space to users hence leading to additional storage space to upload website pages, blogs, images, videos and databases.
  • Data Transfer: These servers also permit high bandwidth for data transfer. The data transfer does not compete with traffic of other websites on these servers leading high speeds.
  • Server Security – The server provides high security as there are no other accounts using the same web space.
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An overview on Data Centers

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An overview on Data Centers

This article was published on 2011/08/12